Health innovation from Japan to the world.

Medical Tourism Coordination Business

In FGS, in the field of regenerative medicine
we got a remarkable attention through worldwide.
Especially for inbound from overseas
we focused on Precise services.

Regenerative medicine attracting attention in all over the world.
In recent years, it combines sightseeing and medical service together
"Medical tourism" is becoming active.
FGS cooperates with medical institutions,
domestic and overseas travel agents, and excellent local subsidiaries,
we propose some safe and comfortable plans.
Our Main target is overseas customers.


Clinical esthetics management business

Clinical esthetics applying the most advanced research by regenerative medicine,
pursuing maximal effect on aging care.
We will guide the troubles due to deterioration
of skin function fundamentally to solve.

In clinical esthetics, we do counseling firmly before treatment,
By using a diagnostic machine etc. used in medical institutions,
You can know the condition of the skin of the past and the future.
Approach to the heart of different aging care depending on individuals.

Hair salon management business

In preparation

Product Development Business

In FGS, we use100% domestically safe and secure human stem cells.
We also develop and provide beauty products
using Secure human stem cell liquids.
Cooperative development with companies is also possible.

Stem cell liquid attracts attention as a component of cosmetics product developments.
It is expected to show effects on wrinkle improvement,
whitening, elasticity improvement, skin troubles due to aging, and so on.

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