QWhat kind of treatment is available for diabetes to regeneration medicine
For patients with diabetes, adipose-derived stem cells taken out from the patient's own fat are cultured to the required number of cells and administered by intravenous drip. By administering adipose-derived stem cells, inflammation associated with diabetes is caused by the action of repairing and restoring function of islet β cells, which is found to be damaged or dysfunction by diabetes, and the action of substances that suppress secretion of inflammation secreted from adipose-derived stem cells Suppresses the effect, symptoms improve.
QHow much fat use to create stem cells
Collect tissues (cells) about 5 to 10 mg.
QWhat kind of operation is taking fat?
How long will it take?
Under local anesthesia, cut a few mm, remove the fat from the lower abdomen.
It takes about 10 to 30 minutes.
QAfter the surgery have to take a bath
On the day of surgery, you will only have to take shower, but you can take a bath in next day.
QIs there any side effect or risk of cancer by administering stem cells?
Mesenchymal stem cells are extremely low risk of canceration.
However, when a patient receives a cell therapy, if there is a tumor in the body, there is a possibility of proliferation by cell administration, so we will diagnose whether it is on cancer beforehand. As for side effects, we use stem cells collected from the patient's own fat, so basically there are no side effects or rejection reactions. Although some internal bleeding and inflammatory symptoms may occur, there is no major risk from administration.
QHow long does it take from taking fat collection to cell administration?
There are individual differences in the cultivation of stem cells, but since it will grow to the number to be administered in about 4 to 6 weeks, it will be administered usually in about a month.
QIs there anything that you cannot receive regenerative treatment?
Those who have an infectious disease as a result of preoperative adaptive examination or who have abnormality in blood clotting ability (ease of blood clotting) cannot receive this treatment.
In addition, hypersensitivity to substances used in the manufacturing process of anesthetics, specific cell processed products, people who have allergic symptoms, etc. may not be accepted.
QIs there age limit?
The treatment is from 20 to 80 years old.
Those who have been diagnosed as appropriate for this treatment by the doctor's diagnosis will be targeted.
QIs it really effective to put in Q cells?
Also, how long is the Persistence?
I think that the effect can be realized.
However, there are individual differences in symptoms among patients, and the goal spot (expectation value for improvement) varies, so the degree of realization of the effect will change. before starting treatment consulting with your doctor such as the expected effects would be helpful to start the treatment. I think that Persistence of effect can be felt by one treatment as expected. The expected value of improvement will differ according to patients, so I cannot say that everything will heal at one time. Indeed, there are things that the effect of those who did several times in all treatments is high improvements.

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